Eat This Lately?

junk foodWith everyone’s busy schedule, fewer and fewer people are eating the proper types of food. Most people tend to eat whatever is quick, easy, and convenient. Cheeseburgers, pizza, and other types of junk food often find their way into our stomachs more than nutritious foods like fresh fruits and ¬†vegetables, clean protein and whole grains.

Studies show that the average person carries anywhere from 5-7 pounds of compacted fecal matter in their colon. A good colon cleanse flushes your colon of accumulated waste material such as impacted fecal matter, toxins, pesticides, dead cellular tissue, parasites, worms, yeast infections, and other harmful substances.

Impacted waste is toxic. When left in the colon it enters and circulates in your blood stream making you feel a variety of chronic symptoms. This poisonous waste impairs your immune system making you more susceptible to disease. As you probably already know, the best method to fight disease is prevention.

Colon cleansing helps cleanse the entire body by reducing and eliminating the toxins that are being absorbed into the bloodstream from the impacted waste trapped in the colon. The result of a clean colon can be felt throughout the entire body.

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