“Being in a wheelchair, it’s difficult to always go to the bathroom naturally. Out of all the products I’ve used, CALO by far has been the greatest!” –Nicolas C., Schererville, Indiana, Age 18

cape aloe


Also known as (Aloe Ferox Mill) is a plant indigenous to one province in South Africa, and nowhere else on earth! Unlike most aloe vera products, Aloe Ferox never has to be filtered and thus retains all the natural present active ingredients. Aloe Ferox is neither irrigated nor treated with pesticides or insecticides. The bitter aloe is most famous for its medicinal qualities. The hard, black, resinous product is used mainly for its laxative properties, but is also taken for arthritis.  Aloe Ferox is a cleansing agent for various complaints: constipation, headache, indigestion, heartburn, spastic colon, chronic fatigue, depression, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, intestinal parasites, and arthritis. It also contains a total of 34 amino acids, including 7 of the 8 essential ones.

fennelseedpowder_borderFENNEL SEED

Fennel’s medicinal uses include reducing gas discomfort, cramps, bloating and more — and it can be a useful addition to the diet of those sufferings from stomach problems. It is recommended for numerous complaints related to excessive gas in the stomach and intestines, including indigestion, cramps, and bloating. As an antispasmodic, Fennel acts on the smooth muscle of the respiratory passages as well as the stomach and intestines.

cayennepepperpowder_borderCAYENNE PEPPER

Cayenne stimulates digestion and muscle movement in the intestines, which helps restore deficient digestive secretions and aids absorption of food nutrients. (Stomach acid tends to decline with age, and some cases of poor digestion are related to a lack of this acid.) Cayenne also stimulates circulation and blood flow to the peripheral areas of the body. Because it stimulates digestion and circulation, cayenne is often added to a wide variety of herbal remedies; it improves the absorption and circulation of the other herbs throughout the body.

alfalfaleafpowder_borderALFALFA LEAF

Alfalfa leaf aids digestion and acts as a diuretic. The active components of alfalfa include its saponin content. Studies indicate that saponins help make fats more soluble, and they may play a role in maintaining the health of blood vessels. The leaves also contain flavones, isoflavones and sterols.


gingerrootpowder_borderGINGER ROOT

Ginger root aids the digestive process by breaking down proteins, improves circulation, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and contains antioxidants.